Multibrand Carioca

Espaço Multi

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Multibrand Carioca – Textures (As Paper Planes)

Espaço Multi

In an exciting atmosphere, surrounded by good taste, Espaço Multi established itself as a reference on Rio de Janeiro’s interior design market.

Founded in 1997 by the inspiring Anna Camuri, this carioca national-brands store seeks to fulfil its customers dreams by combining colours, patterns and textures, while also offering a tailor-made service at one of the most charming locations in Rio.

Our long term partnership treasures the creative capacity that only the colourful Espaço Multi offers, creating a fun approach that translate to all medium.

Multibrand Carioca – Magazine Advertising
Multibrand Carioca – Magazine Advertising (Bis)
Multibrand Carioca – Website Promo (iPad)


We created a vibrant brand image that reflects its passion for fabrics, exploring colours and patterns in all Espaço Multi’s communication design.

On the website, the space reflects its colourfulness and a wide range of products is exposed on a virtual catalog.

Multibrand Carioca – Website Mockups (Mobile)
Multibrand Carioca – Website Home (Desktop)
Multibrand Carioca – Website Catalog (Desktop)
Multibrand Carioca – Packaging
Multibrand Carioca – Packaging (Bis)