Bianca Chami

Launch website
Malandro – Logo (Small, Rounded)

Visual Identity

The aesthetics for Bianca Chami’s visual language needed to translate the singer’s musical identity.

The concept for the first EP’s artwork of the youngest Brazilian singer to sign a contract with Warner Music was conceived using an unique palette of colours and graphic symbols, applied through different kinds of mediums.

A vintage atmosphere was chosen for her work while still keeping the freshness the singer conveys in her compositions.

Malandro – Logotype
Malandro – Colour Palette
Malandro – Logotype (Gradient Background)
Malandro – Album Artwork (Back)
Malandro – Album Design
Malandro – Merchandising (T-Shirt)
Malandro – Merchandising (Badges)
Malandro – Artwork (Wall Graffiti)
Malandro – Website (Desktop)
Malandro – Website (iPad)