Fernanda Lima

Launch website

Responsive design

Fernanda Lima needs no introduction, but if you’ve missed it, here it is: with more than 20 years of career, she already worked as TV host, journalist, model and actress. She’s also co-owner and founder of a restaurant that received international awards, Maní.

Creating a site for such a multi-faceted star is always a true challenge.

We worked with the concept of digital magazine, inspired by the aesthetics of Fernanda’s editorial covers, specific to her universe.

After studying the ergonomics/UX and content/UI, we crafted a navigation, a site map that  answers the necessity of both the fans and the journalists or market professionals. Our goal was for everyone to be able to access desired content using three clicks maximum, wether they’re using the site from desktop, tablet or mobile.

Users are provided instant access to Fernanda’s latest news through the homepage. From there, they can choose to dive in her biography or entertain themselves with the very large and extensive photo gallery that made sure was a fun and easy experience.

Oficial – Site Schema
Oficial – Site Wireframe (Homepage)
Oficial – Site Wireframe (Biography Page)


Fernanda wanted her website to reflect her many sides, through her impressive photo collection. We knew the website would be image-heavy from the start, so we opted to work with the latests technologies, in this case the srcset attribute and picture element of the responsive images scheme, allowing us to deliver a perfectly sized image for any resolution or device.

Performance and maintainability was our most important technical goal, both for the final user and SEO ranking. To attain it, we used SVG whenever possible, modular Javascript and optimised asset delivery through asynchronous resource loading and compression. We’ve also made use of a grunt-based toolchain that includes Sass as a CSS pre-processor for high maintainability.

Oficial – Website Home (Desktop Browser)
Oficial- Website Biography (iPad)
Oficial- Website Gallery (iPad)