The New Rider Weekends

Since the first edition, back in 2012, the graphical concept of a geometrical landscape, interpreting Rio De Janeiro’s iconic places, has established itself as a strong and assertive identity to the public. Every year we take on the challenge to innovate and contribute to this identity while keeping its essence unchanged.

RW15 – Logo
RW15 Mídia – Ônibus
RW15 Mídia – Ponto de Ônibus
RW15 Mídia – Banca de Jornal
RW15 Mídia – Toalha
RW15 Mídia – Copo

A New Home

For this edition, the challenge got even bigger: a new location was chosen for the event. The Marina was a blank slate, where the brand’s union with the event would be given more space to consolidate.

This major change was also quite an inspiration. Surrounded by the sea, this new home is not just any place, it’s a privileged sight onto Rio De Janeiro’s most iconic bits of landscape. The symbolic representation of a wild island was born to convey the idea of an unknown place of extraordinary proportions to the public.

The experience offered to the public was, not unlike art galeries’, full of discoveries. The space was elegantly punctuated with installations and graffitis, elaborated by guest artists. The aesthetics reflected the discovery of a new world through geometrical and natural forms.

Suspended gardens would break the rigidity of stacked containers, as if vegetation had taken back its rightful place. Warm colours, reminding a sunset, set the tone and harmonised this summery event.

RW15 Cenografia – Entrada Grafite
RW15 Cenografia – Entrada Grafite
RW15 Cenografia – Montanha Jow Gif
RW15 Cenografia – Montanha
RW15 Cenografia – Praça Principal
RW15 Cenografia – Plantas
RW15 Cenografia – Cubos
RW15 Cenografia – Cubos
RW15 Cenografia – Nightpong
RW15 Lifeaholic – Stickers

Lifeaholic - Sticker Box

The Sticker Box activation was conceived as a space for the public to build. Throughout the festival, everyone was invited to participate to the space, colouring the container using stickers and expressing their taste physically. We wanted everyone to feel free to fully live the unique experience in which resides LIFEAHOLIC.

RW15 Ativação – Lifeaholic