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A time, a place and a collection

Voya, imagined by Camilia Cunha and Maria Frering, is no ordinary jewellery brand: each collection is inspired by a specific time and place.

The jewels convey memories that translate through the aesthetics of passed eras.

You can encounter Voya at the haute-couture défilés, their pieces are exclusively sold at art galleries.

We were tasked with developing the brand, stationery and packagings of their first collection.

Voya – Logo (Design Process)
Voya – Logo (Variations)
Voya – Branding (Collection)
Voya – Logo (Mockup)
Voya – Branding (Wax Stamp)
Voya – Logo (Physical)
Voya – Stationery (Complete Set)
Voya – Business Cards