Modern Jewellery

Luli Martins

Launch website


To celebrate the launch of her first physical retail store, jewellery designer Luli Martins asked us to work on her website.

We chose a very sleek and minimalistic approach with clear lines, to compliment the models and products. Modern animations and transitions ensured the site a long future.

Two experiences are proposed, according to the user’s medium: we crafted a custom mobile site to translate the elegance of the desktop experience, while providing the speed and ease needed for mobile use.

All the images on the website are served in normal size and retina size for compatible devices, to ensure that every detail will be rendered faithfully.

Modern Jewellery – Website Home (iPhone)
Modern Jewellery – Website Mobile Pages
Modern Jewellery – Website Collection Page (Desktop)
Modern Jewellery – Website Collection Detail Page (Desktop)