Real-time installation of sky fragments

Tempo is a video installation of real-time streams which operates via a network of webcams located all around the world.

It displays a sky map as seen from the Earth, reversing the traditional vision of the world as seen from above. Tempo proposes an inverted vision to the human eye and combines a cartography of natural and artificial light on our Earth. The tempo of the whole composition is the rhythm of the Earth around the Sun as the zenith determines the center of the installation, the noon location.

The refreshing of the images transmitted by the web cameras gives the workpiece its life. A specific sound program is synchronised with the refreshed images stream from web cameras and reinforces the strange experience of ubiquity we sense through this installation.

Tempo becomes a kind of environmental watch, with which the spectator becomes a keeper of the sky.

Tempo – Schema
Tempo – Schema
Tempo – Photo
Tempo – Photo
Tempo – Photo
Tempo – Press
Tempo – Press



  • Marie-Julie Bourgeois
  • Luiza Jacobsen

Programming :

  • Rémi Bréval

Sound Installation :

  • Julien Bréval

Sponsors :

  • Arcadi
  • Mairie de Paris


Paris, France 2008

  • “Nuit Blanche”, Swimming pool Montparnasse
  • “Savante Banlieue”, Université Paris 13
  • “La ville Européenne des Sciences”, Grand Palais

Essone, France, 2009

  • “Festival SIANA” & “Festival Némo”, Théâtre de l’Agora

Rennes, France, 2009

  • “Bouillants #1″, Le Volume

Bagnolet, France 2009

  • “MXPX Art Festival”, La Fonderie de L’image

Belo Horizonte, Brazil, 2009

  • “Festival SIANA” Oi Futuro