Life Of Field

Subsea Consult

Launch website


When given the opportunity to design the visual identity of the offshore consultancy company Subsea, we decided to explore a more poetic visual approach to develop the brand.

Through generative design – in which algorithms generate images – a software was developed to create the visual identity, inspired by organic forms, movements and colours found in the deepest parts of the ocean.

Life Of Field – Logo Design Process
Life Of Field – Stationary (Enveloppe)
Life Of Field – Stationary (Business Cards)
Life Of Field – Website Home (iPhone 5c)

Be Like Water

Inspired by the depths of the ocean, the website was designed as a one-page experience.

The further you explore, the more information you access.

Wether you enter it through a smartphone or a tablet, everything will be in its right place.

Just like water, the interface is responsive and adapts itself to the medium you use.

Life Of Field – Website Overview  (iPad Mini)
Life Of Field – Website Services (iPad Mini)
Life Of Field – Website Contact (Desktop)